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100+ MFIs impacting livelihoods of rural farmers through Magnus model and strategy!

Spread across 30 districts we have successfully integrated Phase I strategies in 103 Small Farmers Cooperatives. Phase II is being integrated now  in 25 of these rural coops. In addition to these particular cooperatives, 2 Grameen model MFIs, 3 SACCOs and 3 WoDev Coops have successfully completed pilot of Phase I. Now in 2011, in addition to reaching 150 mark for Small Famers Cooperatives, we will scale up to 100 more non Small Farmers MFIs. By the end of 2011, we will have 250 MFIs that would have completely integrated Phase I while majority would have integrated Phase II as well. 







SMS based access to agro price informarmation from the Green Triangle

Now, using short code 3399, users can request daily agro based product price and get its access right on the mobile set. This service is first of its kind in the country targeted for rural farmers and agro collection centers. With the information on hand, contractors cannot exploit the ignorance that existed in farming communities before. The agro price information is also made available in the website







15+ eContent Partners

Magnus has successfully partnered with more than 15 I/NGOs and government agencies for eContent identification, collection, contextualization and digitization. The intervention areas are: 1) Agriculture; 2) Women Empowerment; 3) Employment; and 4) Education. Ministry of Information and Communication is Magnus' PPP partner in this initiative. Its objective is to educate all sectors in the need to archive digital content and make it accessible to create knowledge base in the country.








Organic Coffee Market Linkage

For last two years, organic coffee grown by SFC members have been linked with international market. Otherwise inaccessible,  Magnus also provides transportation, training on coffee pulping and design expertise for pulping machine. The rate of coffee beans (either pulped or green) is better than any local buyers and the transportation cost is covered. By doing this, now small growers have partner that provides market that is reliable, long-term and that actually assist them in growing better coffee. The coffee sold so far sold to European buyers are from Dhading, Lamjung and Argakhanchi.

News & Events

Training participants and trainersOn October 1st, 2010, Magnus completes a five day microfinance training in which participants Women Human Rights (WHR) are trained on microfinance, its institutionalization and processes, ICT implications and accounting. There are roughly 500 groups of single women in the country who are supported by WHR and in the process of institutionalization into microfinance institutes (MFIs).


To reflect and leverage enterprise's knowledge-base, expertise and experience in MFI domain, Magnus is launching Nepal Microfinance Gateway, a portal to assist national and international stakeholders in terms of relevant data and information in the sector. 


Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. has built strategic partnership with Nepal Agriculture Co-operative Central Federation Ltd. (NACCF). The partnership is expected to strengthen what Magnus has been doing with rural Small Farmers Cooperatives through its PCP model and BCI strategies.


Mr. Tikajit Rai writes for MicroFinance Insight, a bimonthly international magazine, a US based MFI knowledge base company. This agreement was reached at recent MasterCard, Grameen Foundation and CGAP funded workshop series that was held in Hyderabad, India, in April, 2010.


Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. wins the MF banking software development project for Sana Kisan Bikash Bank Limited (SKBBL), also known as Small Farmer Development Bank, and starts the six-month long project.

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