1. What is PCP Partner?

PCP partner is an organization/agencies that integrates our eServices and agrees to our terms and conditions. Although, rural areas are our target areas, some urban areas are also inclusive. Similarly, non-MFIs such as telecenters also become our partner.

PCP Partner categories

Our PCP partners are, but not limited to, MFIs of following categories:

1.a MFIs

1.a.1 Developmental Cooperatives

1. Network of Small Farmers Cooperative Ltd.s (240)

2. Network of Women Development Cooperatives (900)

1.a.2 Commercial Cooperatives (SACCOs)

According to Cooperative Department, there are about 16,000 SACCOs in the country. Any SACCO in rural areas are potential PCP partner. In there following network that we have already communicated with:

1. Forest Users Group that are being cooperatized

2. SAP Nepal supported SACCOs

3. CECI Nepal supported SACCOs

4. CMF supported SACCOs

5. NEFSCUN members

1.a.3 Grameen Model MFIs/FINGOs

1. Nerudo

2. Manushi

1.b Non-MFIs ICT integrated organizations

1.b.1 Rural Telecenters

1.b.2 Community eCenters 

1.b.3 Postal Information Centers

1.b.4 Community Information Centers


2. Our Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners on the other hand are organizations, companies and agencies that have agreed to work with us to materialize Magnus Strategies. Following are our proud strategic partners:

1. Rojgarmanch

2. NepalCandidate

3. HimalRemit

4. Nepal Agriculture Cooperative Central Federation

5. eSewa

6. Plantec Nepal 

7. Rural Microfinance Development Center (RMDC)

8. NComputing Inc

9. Ministry of Information and Communication (MoIC)


3. Our eContent Partners

eContent Partners are organizations, companies and agencies that have agreed to provide electronic and/or hard copies of content that they generate so that we can upload to telecenters.org.np portal for rural households. Following are our proud strategic partners:

1. Care Nepal

2. Practical Action





7. SAP International

8. SAP Nepal

9. Agriculture Information and Communication Center (AICC)

10. Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Development Board

11. National Agriculture Research Council

12. Women Development Department

13. MEDP

14. Department of cottage industries

News & Events

Training participants and trainersOn October 1st, 2010, Magnus completes a five day microfinance training in which participants Women Human Rights (WHR) are trained on microfinance, its institutionalization and processes, ICT implications and accounting. There are roughly 500 groups of single women in the country who are supported by WHR and in the process of institutionalization into microfinance institutes (MFIs).


To reflect and leverage enterprise's knowledge-base, expertise and experience in MFI domain, Magnus is launching Nepal Microfinance Gateway, a portal to assist national and international stakeholders in terms of relevant data and information in the sector. 


Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. has built strategic partnership with Nepal Agriculture Co-operative Central Federation Ltd. (NACCF). The partnership is expected to strengthen what Magnus has been doing with rural Small Farmers Cooperatives through its PCP model and BCI strategies.


Mr. Tikajit Rai writes for MicroFinance Insight, a bimonthly international magazine, a US based MFI knowledge base company. This agreement was reached at recent MasterCard, Grameen Foundation and CGAP funded workshop series that was held in Hyderabad, India, in April, 2010.


Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. wins the MF banking software development project for Sana Kisan Bikash Bank Limited (SKBBL), also known as Small Farmer Development Bank, and starts the six-month long project.

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